16:flat is a boutique condominium conceived, designed, and developed by 13 Minute Productions. The urban-infill project was designed for a challenging .19-acre lot and offers our unique interpretation of a multi-family urban residence. 16:flat was designed to maximize views and create interaction between the residents and the urban environment by utilizing expansive glazing, private balconies, and a roof top terrace. Sited in the beautiful Cathedral District, 16:flat makes sensitive references to the neighborhood’s prominent architecture with modern interpretations of the urban environment’s needs and desires. 16:flat’s interior design is reminiscent of a true flat with its open floors plans, exposed structure, and generous glazing. By minimizing the interior walls, the flats give flexibility to the interior spaces by promoting connectivity between the indoor and outdoor environment. In staying true to our environmentally conscious design, 16:flat utilizes eco-conscious materials throughout, including: insulated low-e glazing, Cor-ten steel panels, low-voc finishes, cement plaster, ceramic tiles, and bamboo flooring.